About the 2020 Bond and Levies

Thank you, Pullman, for supporting your schools!

The bond and levies were on the ballot on February 11, 2020. Pullman citizens voted “Yes” and work on Lincoln Middle School and other projects are complete.

2020 Bond

A 20-year bond in the amount of $15 million, to fund the renovation and expansion of Lincoln Middle School and fund cooling system additions (HVAC upgrades) to Franklin, Jefferson, and Sunnyside Elementary Schools. The amount and terms of this bond were recommended to the board by the Capital Projects Advisory Committee, a team made up of community members and LMS staff representatives. The current LMS bond expired in December 2020.

Closeup of Lincoln Middle School student working on electronics
LMS electronics class

The bond helped the schools in several ways:

  • Lincoln Middle School is beyond its capacity. It was built for up to 600 students and currently serves almost 700 students. The number of students is expected to substantially increase over the next 20 years. This bond will relieve crowding and allow for growth, while also improving parking, roof issues, and other aspects of the school.
  • Three elementary schools and LMS will upgrade their HVAC systems, which will cool the schools and improve air quality—crucial during wildfire season. The schools are used by the community year-round, so improved HVAC allows for a healthier environment for all.
  • The bond was recommended to the Pullman School Board by the Capital Projects Advisory Committee, who met last summer to learn about bonds, community input, the state of LMS, and financial impact. The vote was unanimous in support of the bond.
  • There will be no tax rate increase. The current LMS bond expired in December 2020, and the new bond took effect in 2021.

2020 Replacement Levies

Enrichment Levy

A four-year enrichment levy, $5.3 million per year (replacement levy, previously known as maintenance and operations levy)

Technology Levy

A four-year technology levy, $200,000 per year (replacement levy)

Kids at a table in science class at Franklin Elementary School
Science class at Franklin Elementary School

The four-year enrichment levy and four-year technology levy bridges state funding and supports important school needs, such as:

  • Nurses
  • Counselors
  • Activities and Athletics
  • Computers
  • Music
  • Libraries
  • Safety and Security
  • Smaller Class Sizes
  • Professional Development
  • Transportation

The levies were a replacement, so there will be no tax rate increase.

Read more at the Pullman School District.

Opportunities to learn more:

Dr. Bob Maxwell, Pullman Public Schools superintendent, explains the 2020 bond and levies
Drawing of Lincoln Middle School planned expansion
Rendering of planned expansion of Lincoln Middle School
Overview of proposed expansion of Lincoln Middle School
Rendering showing overview of planned Lincoln Middle School expansion