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Q: When is election day for the Pullman Public Schools 2020 bond and levy?
A: February 11, 2020. Ballots will mail out around January 24, and you must send in your ballot before or on February 11.

Q: What is a levy?
A: A levy is a local property tax passed by voters that generates revenue for the operations of school districts to ensure our students have the access to staff, programs, and course offerings to be successful.

Q: What is a bond?
A: A bond is a local property tax passed by voters that generates revenue for the construction and renovation of school facilities for the growing student population.

Q: What is the difference between a “bond” and a “levy“?
A: A levy is for enrichment including: maintenance and operations, technology, additional staffing, and programs to supplement state funding. It is generally paid for in two to four years and the money is collected annually for the life of the levy once it’s approved by voters. A bond is for construction of school facilities that is typically paid over 20+ years and the school district receives all money upfront to pay for construction/facility improvement costs once approved by voters.

Q: How do levies support our schools?
A: Levies bring our schools to life through support of: activities and athletics, arts and drama, counselors, libraries, music, professional development, safety and security, small class sizes, social emotional learning, teachers and staff, technology, nursing services, and transportation.

Q: Will the levies increase my property taxes?
A: No. These levies are replacements for existing levies, and will not increase property taxes.

Q: Why do we need this bond?
A: The bond is necessary to renovate Lincoln Middle School, which is currently over capacity. Not only will it relieve overcrowding, it will also make other improvements, such as replacing the roof, expanding the commons, adding classrooms, and realigning the parking lot for better traffic flow. Moreover, the bond will make HVAC improvements for LMS and all three older elementary schools, none of which have air conditioning.

Q: Why not build another middle school?
A: This bond will expand Lincoln Middle School to support projected student numbers for the next decade, with no tax increase for the project.

Q: Will this bond increase my property taxes?
A: No. The current Lincoln Middle School bond expires in December 2020, before the bond on the ballot takes effect. The tax rate does not increase, so property taxes will not increase.

Dr. Cameron Grow, principal of Lincoln Middle School, explains the 2020 bond

Q: Who do I contact if I have more questions?
A: You may contact us at contact@yesforpullmanschools.org. You can also contact the Pullman School District for information at bondlevyfacts@psd267.org.