Please support Pullman Public Schools with your “Yes” vote on the 2024 Levies.

Ballots are due before or on February 13, 2024

We are proud to have exceptional schools and community support is a big part of their success. When we support Pullman Public Schools, it speaks to the quality of our community as it helps kids and families.

There are two levies on the ballot for February 2024: an enrichment (EP&O) levy and a technology levy.

These replacement levies are not new taxes. They replace four-year levies that were approved by voters in 2020 and expire at the end of 2024.

Read more about the levies.

Enrichment (EP&O) levy

State and federal funding provides what our schools need only up to a certain point. The EP&O levy will help fund many necessities, such as libraries, music, safety and security, small class sizes, technology, nursing services, social-emotional learning, athletics, professional development, and transportation.

Investment in community

High-quality schools are a major factor for people relocating to the area. Good schools also impact business recruitment, increase property values, and lead to lower rates of poverty and unemployment locally.

Fiscal responsibility

This levy is not a new tax. We are asking you to vote Yes to renew the 4-year expiring levy with another 4-year levy.

The school district is a good steward of the community’s investment. They are asking for a rate of $2.25 per $1,000 of assessed value. That’s lower than the previously approved levy rate of $2.35 in 2021.

A property tax exemption program for qualified senior citizens and disabled persons also reduces their burden.

Technology Levy

This funding will go into the Pullman School District’s Capital Projects Fund to ensure success in fostering and delivering digital literacy, enabling personalized learning for our students.

The current technology capital projects levy is expiring, leaving our district with insufficient funds to carry out essential projects and meet its technology needs.

Working together, we can make sure the school district can meet rising technology costs and provide continued access to essential tools for all our students.

Fiscal responsibility

The proposed levy will renew a tax on taxable property for four more years. A YES vote on the levy will amount to an average of a couple of dollars per household, over four years. The proposed levy is $0.11 per $1,000 of assessed value of a property. That’s less than a cup of coffee throughout the proposed levy.

A property tax exemption program for qualified senior citizens and disabled persons also reduces their burden.

Investment in community

Voters can make sure Pullman School District continues to modernize educational facilities through the acquisition, installation, and management of computer technology, technology systems, and related projects. Ongoing investment in our schools and students ensures modern infrastructure, security, hardware acquisition, software licensing, online applications, and training.

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